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Thinking of Studying Public Relations at Monmouth College?

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Want to do public relations for a large hospital and help improve the health of your community?  Plan major events like movie openings?  Corporate Communications Manager, Event Planner, Journalist, Music Promotor, Video Production, Media Manager, News Broadcasting, Advertising, Business Manager, Educator, Government Agency Information Officer, Entrepreneur..... These are a few of the different career paths available to students who come to Monmouth College and major in public relations.  Take a look at our longer list of some career possibilities for a public relations major

Degree Requirements for Public Relations Majors

Job Prospects for Public Relations Majors

The United States Department of Labor reports that employment in the public relations is projected to "grow faster than average."  The official survey of prospects for future employment reports that, "opportunities will be best for college graduates who combine a degree in public relations, journalism, or another communications-related field with a public relations internship or other related work experience."  The official Department of Labor study reports that the ability to communicate effectively is essential.  Many students at Monmouth major in both public relations and communication.   For more information on the entering the profession of public relations go to, "U.S. Department of Labor: Prospects for Public Relations."


Internships are an integral part of the public relations major. All majors are required to complete an internship experience.   Internships can be taken in a wide variety of job settings from doing public relations for a large business organization, to doing specialty public relations work for a not-for-profit organization, to working in radio and television, journalism, to general work in communication and the arts.  A listing of recent internships in the department can be viewed at the public relation web site’s internship page.  The internship experience usually occurs in the Junior or Senior year or in the summer between.  Prof. Benita Dilley, Coordinator and head of the public relations program advises and assist all public relations students in the programs internship process.  Students also work with their individual advisors.  An internship is normally for three semester hours of credit. Typically students to spend between 125 and 150 hours at the internship site or about eight to ten hours per week, and do assignments related to that work and on which their internship grade is based. 

The Department has excellent facilities supporting our programs in public relations, media and communication.  These facilities are shared with other Monmouth College academic programs.

The Suggested Four Year Student Activity Plan for Public Relations Students

For recommendations from the Public Relations Society of America on what you should do, in addition to your public relations major, visit this link to the Four Year College Public Relations Activity Plan.

Monmouth College Admissions and Viewbook

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Monmouth College Public Relations Program News
New Web Site for PR Program

The Monmouth College Public Relations Program has a new web site and is working out the bugs (and typos) during March, April and May 2008.  If you see an error, have an idea or want a correction made, contact the Public Relations Program Webmaster, Jim O'Brien at with your idea or correction.

April 15, 2008 is the Deadline for Public Relations Internship Applications for Credit during Summer and Fall 2008.

To earn credit for an internship, you traditionally need to be of junior and good standing, have secured a specific public relations internship post where you will do professional public relations work, and then complete and submit the application.  Once approved, interns are allowed to register for academic credit.   In general, to earn 3 s.h. of credit, a student needs 120-150 hours of professional level internship work.

Alumni News

Heather Prater, '07, has taken a position working in public relations for a media personality in the Chicago are and is managing media relations for a record label.

Ellen Ehrenhart, '07, who finished her degree and public relations internship in event planning is currently working in Springfield and preparing for her big break in theater.

Brooke Morgan, '07, who graduated in December of 2007 is now working on her masters degree in communication at Illinois State University.

PR Graduating Seniors of May 2008

Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the public relations program of Monmouth  College for 2008!  (With honorable mention to those graduating in December 2007.)

Well educated and ready to work -- the Public Relations Program extends an early congratulations and a keep up the hard work until graduation to the graduating seniors of the public relations program.  Anyone knowing of great job leads is encouraged to share the info with the graduating seniors who are actively looking for their dream job!

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