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To download a copy of the Funding Cycle Application, click here.

The current ASMC funding cycle begins December 2nd, and applications are due December 9th at midnight.

Associated Students of Monmouth College

Finance Committee


1.        Suggestions for when you come to the funding hearings:

a.       Please show up 5-10 minutes early.

b.      Please be well dressed.

c.       Please keep your presentation to less than 15 minutes.

d.      Please be as accurate about how much and for what you are asking.

e.      Please be respectful of the committee memberís decisions about the amount given out. 

2.       We will not discriminate between gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, age, major/minor, organizational involvement, how much you are asking or number of members.

3.       We will announce the amount given in two (2) ways:

a.       Through the ASMC representative for your group at the next full body meeting

b.      Through the President and ASMC representativeís mailboxes

4.       Please have a full outline of what you would like and precisely what you are spending it on, not just give us a single number.

5.       Receipts are required for reimbursement.

6.       Receipts must be returned promptly and reimbursement will be given out accordingly.

7.       The ASMC Constitution states that the President and Treasurer may attend, but we would like for the Treasurer and the ASMC Rep. to attend funding hearings. 

8.       Please designate a proxy via email to Harrison Heilman (, and have them present at the hearing if you cannot attend the funding hearings. 

9.       If the money requested is not used within ten (10) days of the scheduled event, funding may be rescinded and placed back into the pool for further funding.