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The Alpha Epsilon Phi Cast supports, urges, recognizes and rewards student leadership in the creation of theatrical events at Monmouth College.  It hopes to stimulate interest in theatre activities at Monmouth College and to secure for the college, and its entities, all the advantages, and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honorary society.  

By electing students to membership, the society provides a reward for their participation in theatre activities of the college.  By volunteering our time, energy and monies we strive to become better individuals, students, leaders and professionals in our chosen disciplines.

Membership requires students to be highly involved in the creation of theatrical productions and to serve in positions of high responsibility and leadership.  APO members at Monmouth College serve as crew heads, designers, directors, stage managers, production managers, box office managers and performers.  Members are also highly active in the Monmouth College student organization, Crimson Masque, serving on committees and organizing events.

In exchange for their talent and service to the theater, members receive a wide array of privileges and responsibilities.  Some of these include benefiting fellow students, faculty, and the community with a quality theatre organization and a greater opportunity to serve in directing and design positions.  

Each member shall also receive an Alpha Psi Omega membership card and lifelong membership to the National Organization.  Members will be recognized in Crimson Masque programs, at fall and spring interest meetings, and the closing meeting and/or picnic.  Members will also have the first opportunity to obtain free tickets to off-campus productions, priority in attendance to workshops, field trips and The American College Theater Festival.  Active members will receive two free tickets to each Crimson Masque production.