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tech links The Great Iraquois Theatre Fire in Chicago

Intro. To Technical Theatre
Instructor: Doug Rankin
Fall, 2021

M W: 1-2:50 WT

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Douglas B. Rankin
McMichael 315  (2104) WT (3095)
Cell Phone (texts) 309.255.3162

Wells Theatre MT 11 am-noon
Wells Theater most afternoons


General Course Information:

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1. Course Description:

2. Course Objectives:

3. Statement of Student Workload Expectations:

Course Activities

This course is scheduled to meet 2 days per week throughout the semester. The course design provides learning opportunities and activities totaling approximately 9 hours per week over the 15 weeks of the course . The assigned activities may take each student a different amount of time to finish, however, the weekly average for all students in the course should be 11 hours.

In class activities

(30 meetings x 110 minutes) / 60) + 2 hour final) / 15 weeks) 3.8 hours


(44 hours/15 weeks) 2.9 hours

Additional preparation for exams

(30 hours/15 weeks) 2 hours

Total 8.7 hours per week

I will accept late submission on selected course activities within a reasonable time, if you have made PRIOR arrangements with me. Completing the assignments provides you with learning experiences that are important to your development as a student. Points deducted for late work with prior approval will be 5% per day.  Most students should expect to work an average of nine hours each week for this course, including the 1.8 hours of class time.  Approximately 5 hours of out of class time each week will be needed to complete reading assignments, engagement in out of class assigned experiences, and preparation of course materials for presentation and evaluation.

This class is a requirement of the Theatre Education Concentration and all Theatre Majors and is counted under NAST allignments for competency

4. Course Policies, Accomodations and Learning Outcomes

5. Assignments Point Values

6. Derivation of Grade

7. Calendar Daily Syllabus

August, September, October, November, December

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