Minutes from WGHOM Conference Planning

NICC Clock Tower Building, Dubuque, Iowa,March 21, 2009, 9:30 a.m.-12:30p.m.

Attendees: Kristin Anderson-Bricker (Loras College), Stacy Cordery (Monmouth College), Carmen Hernandez (NICC), Sharon Lake (University of Iowa)

·         Conference to be held June 18-20, 2010

·         Local Arrangement Committee Chaired by Carmen Hernandez

·         Program Committee Chair will be Kristin Anderson- Bricker (KAB)

o   Paula Hinton and other program chair people from last conference; Carmen will send KAB the people who worked on program chair last time

o   Two to three people will work with KAB on reviewing the submissions

§  Sharon Lake volunteered to work on program committee

o   Recruit students via having members of the committee encourage at their institutions

o   Put mission statement in program

o   Meeting at end of the conference for the next group to host the project

o   Issue the call for papers by September or October 2009; February 1; April 14 of committee decision

·         Publicity Committee, Carmen Hernandez will also chair this

o   A company approach to publicity—McGraw-Hill (contact by Carmen)

o   Funding through local colleges???

o   Local colleges and Iowa

o   National Educational Association, union for teaching – access to high school teachers

o   Teaching History Grant at Dubuque Community Schools – JoAnne Gibson (Carmen will contact her)

o   They will make poster, flyer, posting to H-women and other venues; this group will post the call for papers

o   All area colleges and identify all historians of gender and then a short note sent to each person;

o   Why would you want to come?  A brochure with what you can do in Dubuque; to encourage family attendance for the weekend

o   Logo designed (Carmen contact graphic design person at NICC could turn it into an assignment for graphic design)

·         Carmen Hernandez will send to the whole list of the organization to recruit other people to work on subcommittees

·         Theme: Link to the Mississippi river seen as a good idea

o   The group started via: Study women in history anywhere, anytime but just happen to live in the Midwest; also people who study women/gender of the Midwest

o   River

o   Flow and Change

o   Flood

o   Dubuque slogan is the Key City

o   Confluence

o   Connection

o   Current/Crosscurrent of Change

o   Convergence

o   Confluence, Crosscurrents and Convergence: Women and Gender History in 2010

o   Currents and Changes

o   Crosscurrents in Women’s & Gender History (the winner)

o   The Fourth Biennial Women and Gender Historians of the Midwest (WGHOM) conference will bring together scholars, educators, students and the public to explore Midwestern women and gender history.  WGHOM exists to provide a forum for networking and discussion and to showcase academic work at Midwestern institutions.  Honoring our conference location in the historic river community of Dubuque, Iowa, the 2010 theme highlights the convergence of current scholarship and contemporary pedagogy in all areas of women’s history and related disciplines on gender.  We especially welcome papers, roundtables and panels from scholars, academics, graduate and undergraduate students, librarians, archivists, high school teachers and public historians.  Send proposals to the program committee in care of kristin.andersonbricker@loras.edu

·         Keynote speaker ideas discussed.

·         Location—NICC Town Clock Center, near food, Holiday Inn, Beds and Breakfast,

o   Carmen will contact local venues for the keynote that is in walking distance or could it be here?

·         Size – 120 (Loyola), 85 (St. Louis); unsure what the numbers would be here at this one

·         Meals/Related Activities

o   Assigned for dinner groups when registered you signed up for the type of food and then you got an assignment for the dinner plans

o   wineries/wine and cheese—reception or have it at Stone Clift (Trolley rental to get people there)

o   KAB will contact the art museum and the River museum and find out the exhibits for June 2010—see if any gender related exhibits; ask if they might interested in doing a panel; also ask for flyers and brochures for mailing list; archival gems

·         Length (two full days Friday (9:30-11, 11:15 lunch, 12:30-2, 2:15-4:15) and a Saturday (8:30, 10:15, noon keynote and lunch, 2-4 Workshops and Roundtables) business meeting at the end of Saturday—18  and 19 June 2010)

·         Attendees/Subject Matter

o   Librarians' and archivists' gems

o   undergraduate, graduate students,

o   high school teachers, American History Grant district programs,

o   Pedagogy/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in addition

o   Women’s History Archives/Libraries in area all have a panelist attend

o   Teaching Women’s History in High Schools roundtable – local people involved in that

o   Public History Outreach—museums in the area to discuss what is in their collections—River Museum, Art Museum,

o   Women’s Studies Programs in the Area – panel of presenters

o   Area activists roundtable – Ruth Scharnaeu and another person that Sharon Lake knows in Iowa City will work on this

·         Sessions

o   Undergraduate and graduate for Friday afternoon

o   Plenary—Keynote would be at the lunch

o   Roundtables—such as around archivists and librarians—where they present what is in their archives

o   Panel Sessions

o   Mini-workshops

o   Book Exhibit ?? (McGraw-Hill first and then); River Lights to sell books to sell—theme books;) (check with Center of Dubuque History


Minutes from WGHOM Planning Meeting
at American Historical Association meeting, New York, January 3, 2009, 5:00 p.m.

I. Conference Planning--Dubuque, IA: June 18-20, 2010 (4th Biennial Conference)

  • Work on publicity
  • Continuity with committee
  • Use technology for meeting - SKYPE
  • Hold business meeting and election of officers for term Sep. 1, 2010-August 31, 2012 at the Dubuque conference.  Be sure to schedule time for Business meeting.
  • Committees needed:  Program, Publicity, Local Arrangements
  • Undergraduate sessions for Friday afternoon, get more graduate students involved
  • Need one representative from each state to drum up support as membership/program chairs – Tammy will work on this
  • Keynote ideas – Linda Kerber (IA); Jean Allman (Wash U), Antoinette Burton (IL), Leslie Regan (IL)

II.  Organizational identity—

  • No membership fees will continue, can use funds from conference for expenses.  $2326.97 in our account (per Paula Hinton email)
  • Need to make sure we have proper elections and publicize opportunities at 2010 meeting
  • Panels at other national meetings? 
  • Need to make it clear that we are not just historians who study the Midwest

III.  Update and Management of Website

  • Reach out to graduate student programs
  • All will look at website – email Molly with changes
  • Update officers, dates for next conference
  • Expand reach of website in future (reviews, archive information, news items)

IV.  Slating of Officers for Election at 2010 Conference

Present officers – terms to end 31 July 2010

President – Jennifer Morris
Vice President – Carmen Hernandez
Secretary – Stacy Cordery
Treasurer – Paula Hinton
Membership – Tammy Proctor


--article prize for first publication in peer-reviewed publication on gender/women’s history, also have them speak at conference (contact Paula re: this) – Molly & Tammy will work on this

--Caroline Merithew interested in organizing a panel.

--Jennifer will work on nominations

--need host for next conference – discuss this at Dubuque meeting.

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