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Simone de Beauvoir (1908 - 1986)

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The Minor

Women’s Studies includes the careful consideration of feminist theories and perspectives and the examination of gender inequalities and issues. The multidisciplinary approach emphasizes the breadth of disciplines in which feminist criticism is taken seriously.

Women’s Studies Minor. A minor consists of 18 credits. WOST 201 , PHIL 225 and 401 are required of all minors. HIST 370 is strongly recommended. Students with particular interests may choose to take WOST 320.   

WOST 201G. Introduction to Women’s Studies. An introduction to Western feminist thought and the study of women’s roles and status in society. This course also evaluates present knowledge about women, questions stereotypes, and reinforces the value and content of women’s everyday lives. (Three credits.)

WOST 320. Independent Study. Independent study in an area of women’s studies directed by a member of the faculty. Prerequisites: WOST 201 and approval of the instructor and the Women’s Studies coordinator. (One to three credits.)

WOST 401. Women, Justice and Equality. The capstone seminar in which participants will read and discuss historical texts that have had a profound effect on the feminist struggle for equality and justice. In addition, participants will engage in individual research, chosen in consultation with the instructor, in which the research topics will provide the basis for additional readings in common. Prerequisite: WOST 201 and two additional WOST courses .

ANTH 362. Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective. 

ANTH 250 Anthropology of Childhood 

ARTD 306. Women, Art, and Feminism. 

CATA 231 Interpersonal Communication (when appropriate)

CLAS 210. Ancient Literature (when appropriate).

CLAS 240. Ancient Society  (when appropriate) .

ENGL 260. Literature of Feminism.

ENGL 343. 20th-Century British Literature (when appropriate).

ENGL 348. English Novel (when appropriate).

ENGL 350 Special Topics in Literature (when appropriate)

HIST 330. Biography and U. S. History (when appropriate).

HIST 370. Women in U. S. History.

ISSI 426. Feminist Approaches to Literature and Society.

PHIL 225. Philosophy and Feminism.

RELG 220. Women and Religion.

SOCI 343. Sociology of Development.






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