CATA 335 - McGaan

Practice Exercises 1

Identify the type of questions (fact, value policy) involved in each of the arguments below. Then create complete Toulmin diagrams (cl., gr., w.) for each argument:

1. [w.] A good speech maintains the attention of the audience. FACT

[gr.] Jane=s speech maintained attention.

[cl.] Jane=s speech was a good one.

2. [w.] Not reporting all your income to the IRS is a crime. FACT

[gr.] Jack did not report all his income to the IRS.

[cl.] Jack is a criminal

3. [cl.] The government should act to reform the health care system. POLICY

[gr.] Reforming health care will benefit nearly all Americans

[w.] The government should act if it can provide a benefit to the citizens.

4. [w.] Heroism is doing what's right in the face of fear. FACT

[gr.] Bill ran into the burning building to rescue the child in spite of fearing for his life.

[cl.] Bill is a hero.

5. [cl.] Both Darwin's theory and Biblical creation should be taught in the public schools. POLICY

[gr.] Each of these views has many supporters in the community.

[w.] It is the obligation of the schools to represent all views that have a significant following in the community.

6. [cl.] Homosexuals should not be permitted in the military. POLICY

[gr.] The presence of homosexuals in combat units can undermine morale.

[w.] Good morale is essential for a combat unit.

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