Mental States & Perfection


by Benjamin Sauer

The Science of Suffering

This section is an overview of the scientific explanations for suffering and pain.

Suffering:  A Presentation

In this section, I have an in-depth presentation of suffering, taken in a history of philosophy perspective.  In addition, the ethical systems of the philosophies will be addressed, especially in so far as they address the topic of suffering.

A PowerPoint presentation is also included in this section.

Suffering by Charlise Tiee




Relating Suffering

This section relates the topic of suffering to the course's topic of the Ideal, to the group's topic of Mental States and Perfection, and to the topic of Therapy versus Enhancement.

Role of the Citizen and Regulation

This section explores the role of the citizen and his education concerning the problem of suffering.  In addition, the question of governmental regulation and suffering is addressed.





Controversial Suffering

This section examines controversial issues surrounding suffering in today's society.












The Case of Terri Schiavo

This section illustrates a current issue in reference to the problem of suffering.


This section explores examples of the problem of suffering in everyday life and the different approaches philosophies take to them.

Other Issues

This section explains the challenges, sources of concern, and potential benefits to the human condition concerning suffering.

Personal Interest

This section details my personal interest in examining the problem of suffering.


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