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Katti, Laser specialist              

~Katti was born in Des Plaines, Illinois. In the midst of her pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Secondary education, Chemistry and she also plans on pursuing a minor in Spanish from Monmouth College, Katti is active on the Monmouth Scots softball Team and tennis team.  After graduating, she hopes to become a High school Chemistry teacher. ~

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Amanda, Fireworks Specialist

~Amanda was born in Moline, Illinois.  She enjoys drawing, dancing, and playing softball.  While pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Monmouth College, Amanda stays busily involved in her studies and pyrotechnics.  After graduating with her B.A. degree, Amanda hopes to work as a wildlife photographer and a zoologist. ~

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Lauren, Music Specialist

~Lauren was born in Naples, Italy, but grew up in Macomb, Illinois.  While pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Biology at Monmouth College, Lauren also participates in SOS, a volunteer organization, and participates in intramural athletics, while currently training for a triathlon.  After graduating from Monmouth, Lauren hopes to pursue a career in Exercise Science, working with athletes and concentrating on fitness, health, nutrition, and performance.

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**This page is not that of a real company but is for a chemistry assignment for General Chemistry 140 at Monmouth College.**