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1984-1998: Listed below.

December 5, 1984

"Pompeii and Its Art"
Raymond Schoder of Loyola University
January 10, 1985 "A Stone Age Excavation in Greece"
Skip Burhans, Monmouth College  Library
April, 1985 "Before Color Prejudice: Blacks as seen by Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman Artists"
Frank M. Snowden, Jr. of Howard University.
April 30, 1985 "Cahokia Mounds"
Christine Engels of Wataga, Illinois
September 27, 1985 symposium on the history and archaeology of the city of London, England
fall, 1985 photographic Exhibit entitled "2000 Years of Buried History of London"
November 6, 1985 "Excavations at the Orendorf (Fulton County) Site, 1971-1978)"
Larry Conrad, Western Illinois University Archaeological Research Laboratory.
November 11, 1985 film entitled "The Kyrenia Ship Replica: An Ancient Ship Will Sail Again"
December 11, 1985 "Pre-Conquest Mexico"
Bill Urban, Monmouth College
January 16, 1986 "The Search for the Bones of St. Peter: Excavations beneath St. Peter's Basilica in Rome"
Charles Speel, Monmouth College
March 12, 1986 "Gold and Silver Production and the Defense of the Central Danubian Frontier"
Michael Werner, State University of New York
April, 1986 "Boycotts, Bribes, and Fines: The Ancient Olympic Games"
David Romano, University Museum at the University of Pennsylvania
May 1, 1986 Artifact Identification and Site Recording Session
Larry Conrad, Western Illinois University Archaeological Research Laboratory
May 14, 1986 "Mississippian Artifacts in the Putnam Museum Collection" Janice Hall, Putnam Museum, Davenport, Iowa
October l4, l986 "Satellites and Settlement Patterns in Maya Country"
Ed Kurjack, Western Illinois University
November 6, l986 "Archaeological Adventures Abroad and at Home"
Bill Foley of Galesburg
December 3, l987 "Two Middle Woodland Sites in Oklahoma"
Bob Wagner of Monmouth
January 22, l987 film entitled "Archaeology Proves the Bible"
February 7, l987 "Excavations at Gel Lachich"
David Ussishkin, Augustana College
February 25, 1987 "The ancient Maya of Tikal and Copan"
Marshall Becker, the University of Pennsylvania
March l9, 1987 films entitled "Archeologist--How He Works" and "Archaeological Dating"
April 29, 1987 "Underwater Excavation of the Revolutionary War Privateer Defence"
David Switzer, Plymouth State College in New Hampshire
May 13, 1987 Artifact Identification and Site Recording Session
Larry Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
September 28. 1987 "Prehistoric Ceramics of West Central Illinois", exhibit talk
Larry Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
fall, 1987 exhibit of prehistoric ceramics of West Central Illinois
October 19, 1987 "From Alexander to Augustus: Glass and Glassmaking in Classical Antiquity"
David Grose of the University of Massachusetts
November 4, 1987 videofilm entitled "Cahokia--A Prehistoric Legacy"
January, 1988 an exhibit of Panamanian archaeological artifacts from the collection of Major George Bush of Monmouth College
January 25, 1988 exhibit talk by Major Bush
February 15, 1988 "From Roman Legionary Bases to Modern Cities"
Thomas Watkins of Western Illinois University
March 31, 1988 "The Roman Forum"
William Urban of Monmouth College
April 13, 1988 "What Mother Never Told Me About Dating"
Peter Kuniholm of Cornell University
October 17, 1988 "Classic Maya Archaeology in Copan, Honduras"
William Fash, Northern Illinois University
February 6, 1989 "Greece and Barbarian Europe in the Early Iron Age (100-688 B.C.)"
Jan Bouzek, Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia
March 13, 1989 "Roman Engineering and the Pantheon"
Sidney Guralnick , Illinois Institute of Technology
March 14, 1989 "Contributions of the Ancient Romans to Structural Engineering"
Sidney Guralnick , Illinois Institute of Technology
April 11, 1989 "Satyrs, Dionysos and Childhood in Archaic and Classical Athens" Stephen Fineberg, Professor of Classics at Knox College
April 26, 1989 "An Illustrated Archaeological Tour of the Middle Ohio Valley" Lawrence Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
October 12, 1989 "The Workshops of Eden: The Origins and Significance of Human Technology"
Nicholas Toth, Indiana University
December 7, 1989 "The Catacombs of Rome: Buried Treasures"
Avery Springer, Illinois State University
March 13, 1990 "An Archaeological Tour of West Africa"
Tom Sienkewicz, Monmouth College
May 7, 1990 "Man and the Sea in Prehistoric Greece"
Thomas Jacobsen, Indiana University
April 16, 1990 panel discussion entitled "The Dickson Mounds Controversy: Should We See the Bones"
September 13, 1990 "Daily Life in Ancient Egypt"
Okasha Eldaly, Cairo, Egypt
October 11, 1990 "To Euphrates and beyond: Searching for the first farmers in the Near East"
Andrew M. T. Moore, Yale University
October 17, 1990 "The Ascent of Humankind"
"The Dawn of Human Imagery"
Nicholas Toth, Indiana University
November 12, 1990 "Urbanization in Roman North Africa: Civilians and Soldiers"
Thomas Watkins, Western Illinois University
February 4, 1991 "Middle Mississippian Socio-Political Organization"
Lawrence Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
February 18, 1991 "The Age of Joseph"
Charles Speel, Monmouth College
April 8, 1991 "Ancient Cypriot Sculpture"
Pamela Gaber, University of Arizona at Tuscon
April 22, 1991 "Digging for a Legend: The Gottschall Project"
September 23, 1991 "Archaeology of the Near East and the Mid West--a Comparison"
Judith Franke, Dickson Mounds Museum
September-October 1991 exhibit entitled "Secrets from an Ancient Sea: Marine Archaeology at Caesarea Maritima, Israel"
October 9, 1991 "Secrets from the Ancient Sea"
Robert Hohlfelder, University of Colorado
October 10, 1991 "The Wonders of Caesarea Maritima"
Robert Hohlfelder, University of Colorado
November 18, 1991 "Changing Views of Classic Maya Society"
T. Patrick Culbert, University of Arizona
January 30, 1992 "On Collecting New World Artifacts: A Hands-On Experience"
Steve Hamaker, Monmouth
February 11, 1992 "The Underground Panels of King Djoser at the Step Pyramid Complex"
Florence Friedman, Rhode Island School of Design
March 10, 1992 "Will the Real San Salvadore Please Stand Up"
Charles Hoffman, Northern Arizona University
April 8, 1992 "Indian Temples as Cultural Phenomena"
Douglas Spitz, Monmouth College
September 22, 1992 "DeSoto and the Indians"
Lawrence Conrad, Western Illinois University
September 24, 1992 "Native Americans in Contact with European Culture"
William Urban, Monmouth College
October 15, 1992 "Discovered: The Royal Possessions of Alexander the Great?"
Eugene Borza, Pennsylvania State University
November 18, 1992 "Scythian Art in Light of Recent Archaeological Finds in Soviet Eurasia"
Valeri Guliaev, Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences 
April 12, 1993 "A Medley of Mythical Metamorphoses: Greek Myths in Western Art"
Karl Kilinski II, Southern Methodist University
April 21, 1993 "Artifact Identification and Site Documentation"
Lawrence Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
October 18, 1993 "Black Athena: A Film on the Controversy" introduced by William Urban, Monmouth College
November 9, 1993 "The Architecture of an Athenian Lawcourt"
Rhys Townsend, Clark University
December 6, 1993 "The Archaeology of Roman Florence"
Tom Sienkewicz, Monmouth College
January 20, 1994 "The Fall of the Maya" and "The Ancients of North America", a video showing of two episodes from the Archaeology series seen on The Learning Channel
February 9, 1994 "Terra Incognita No Longer: Archaeology in Grevena, Greece"
Nancy Wilkie, Carleton College
February 14, 1994 "Roman Gaul in the Time of Augustus"
Tom Watkins, Western Illinois University
March 21, 1994 "Women's Myth and Ritual in Prehistoric Thera"
Paul Rehak, Loyola University
April 12, 1994 "Hellenistic Luxury Glass"
E. Marianne Stern, Toledo, Ohio
November 17, 1994 "The Mokaya: Southern Mexico's Earliest Villages"
Michael Blake, University of British Columbia
December 8, 1994 "In the Footsteps of Marquette: Rediscovery of the Illini, 1673-1994"
Lawrence Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab at Western Illinois University
February 27, 1995 "Excavations on the NE Slope of the Palatine, 1988-1993: An Overview"
Eric Hostetter, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
April 3, 1995 "The Propylaea of the Athenian Acropolis from Antiquity to Our Day"
Tasos Tanoulas, Athens, Greece
April 24, 1995 "A Rose By Any Other Name: Recent excavations at the site of the Rose Theatre in London"
James DeYoung, Monmouth College
September 18, 1995 "Middle Woodland Art"
Lawrence Conrad, Archaeological Research Lab, Western Illinois University
October 18, 1995 "Excavations of the Southern Temple at Petra, Jordan"
Martha Joukowsky, Brown University
November 16, 1995 Roman Athens: The Transformation into an Imperial City"
Michael Hoff, University of Nebraska
February 27, 1996 New Jerichos--Recent Research on the Neolithic of Jordan"
Alan Simmons, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
March 3-23, 1996 Exhibit: "Art of the Ancient World from the Collection of the Putnam Museum"
Guest Lecture: Dr. Richard DePuma, School of Art and Art History, University of Iowa
September 18, 1996 "A Brief Overview of Human Prehistory in Western Illinois"
Lawrence Conrad, Archaeology Research Lab, Western Illinois University
September 26, 1996 "Understanding Aztec Human Sacrifice"
Patricia Anawalt, Director of the Center for the Study of Regional Dress at the Fowler Museum of Cultural History at the University of California in Los Angeles
December 4, 1996 "The Mythology of the François Vase"
Stephen Fineberg, Department of Classics, Knox College
February 12, 1997 "The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore/Persephone in Cyrene, Libya"
Susan Kane, Department of Art at Oberlin College
February 13, 1997 "1996 Excavations at Poggio Colla, Italy"
Susan Kane, Department of Art at Oberlin College
April 9, 1997 "Looking at Pompeii: Urban Structure and Community in a Roman Town"
Stephen Dyson, Department of Classics at State University of New York at Buffalo
April 21, 1997 "When Archaeology Meets the Arts: A Look at London's New Globe Theatre"
James DeYoung, Department of Speech, Communications and Theatre, Monmouth College
September 16, 1997 "Mississippian Art in Illinois"
Lawrence Conrad of Western Illinois University
September 23, 1997 "Underwater Archaeology: Sunken Cities of Lycia"
Robert Lindley Vann of the University of Maryland
November 6, 1997 "Mimbres: Pueblo Art and Archaeology in Southwestern New Mexico"
Stephen Lekson of the University of Colorado 
November 7, 1997 "Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruins, and Paquime: The Political History of the Ancient Southwest, AD 900-1500"
Stephen Lekson of the University of Colorado
January 19, 1998 "Roman Spain: An Overview"
Thomas Watkins of Western Illinois University
March 4, 1998 "Recent Greek and Roman Excavations at Troy"
C. Brian Rose of the University of Cincinnati
March 4, 1998 "Dynastic Art and Propaganda in the Early Roman Empire"
C. Brian Rose of the University of Cincinnati
April 27, 1998 "Treasures and Troubles in the Eastern Mediterranean"
Raymond DenAdel, Professor Emeritus at Rockford College
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