Committee for the Promotion of Latin

Annual Report
April, 2003

During the year 2002-2003 the energies of the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin have especially been directed towards several important initiatives:

1.) Organizing Pedagogy Panels. Following recent custom, a CPL Pedagogy Panel entitled "Teaching Upper-Level Latin and Greek: There is More to the Book than the Footnotes" was organized for CAMWS-Southern Section 2002 in Birmingham, Alabama. At its annual meeting at CAMWS 2002 in Austin, the members of CPL recommended that teaching elementary Latin in high school and college be the theme for the pedagogy panel at CAMWS 2003. This topic generated so much interest that two panels were organized instead of one: "Teaching Elementary Latin in Middle and High School" and "Teaching Elementary Latin in Colleges and Universities." Cathy Daugherty, CAMWS Vice President, graciously agreed to sponsor the first panel as the Vice Presidentís Panel in cooperation with CPL. The second panel (on colleges and universities) will be the CPL Pedagogy Panel. CPL is very pleased that the Vice-Presidentís panel includes the recipient of the 2002 Kraft Award for Excellence in Teaching. It is hoped that there will be significant interaction between the two panels, both by panelists and members of the audience. Descriptions of all three panels are attached to this report (Appendices A, B, and C) and are posted on the CPL website.

2.) CPL Papers Published. The CPL Chair is pleased to report that papers based upon two CPL panels will appear in forthcoming issues of the Classical Journal Forum (Vol. 99): "Lingua Latina Liberis: Four models for Latin the Elementary School," a paper based upon the CPL panel at CAMWS-SS 2000 in Athens and "Linking Latin in the Curriculum Beyond the Latin Classroom," a paper based upon the CPL panel at CAMWS 2002 in Austin. In addition the outgoing CPL Chair is working on a short history of CPL scheduled for completion by the Centennial meeting.

3.) A new URL for CPL. Partly in anticipation of a change in CPL Chairs and partly to make the CPL website more readily accessible, a new, permanent URL for the Committee for the Promotion of Latin website has been obtained: Current CPL materials will be archived on the Monmouth College server for the indefinite future, but users will be able to use the permanent URL to access new materials posted in the future on a different server.

4.) Search for a New CPL Chair. This effort has been successful. Ginny Lindzey, currently CAMWS Vice-President for Texas, has agreed to serve. She has already been working with the present CPL chair on a number of projects, including an orientation program for vice-presidents at CAMWS 2003. This orientation program, one of the CPL goals for 2002-2003, should also help with a second CPL goal, i.e. to improve communication between the CPL committee and CAMWS vice-presidents.

5.) Gathering Information about Latin Teaching in CAMWS Territory. Another CPL goal for 2002-2003 focuses on identifying colleges and universities with Latin teacher training programs as well as master teachers who would be willing to mentor new and future Latin teachers. This project has been underway for two years. While some progress has been made in the past few months, several states and provinces have yet to report information. This information is attached to this report (Appendices D and E) and is also available at the following URLís: and

6.) Planning the first National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week (NLTRW).
The present and future CPL chairs are both members of a Task Force which organized and promoted the first NLTRW for the first week of March in 2003. A planning meeting was held at ACL 2002 in Madison. Both the American Classical League and the American Philological Association sponsored this event along with various regional and state associations, including CAMWS. A list of some NLTRW activities in CAMWS territory is appended to this report (Appendix F).

7.) Promotional Materials. CPL continues to provide a variety of promotional materials. During the summer an announcement on the Classics and LatinTeach Listservs generated so many requests for CPLís "Teach Latin in the 21st Century" brochures and posters that the supply of brochures was completely depleted by September. A second printed was subsidized by ACL, APA, and CAMWS as part of the NLTRW initiative. CPL has also distributed a large number of Michele Ronnickís APA pamphlet entitled "The First Three African American Members of the APA." Another popular CPL brochure is "Latin for Students with Learning Disabilities."

8.) Troubleshooting. CPL has also provided support with letters and promotional materials to a number of threatened programs, including ones in Forest Hills High School in Grand Rapids and at West Ottawa High School in Holland (both temporarily suspended due to financial problems) and at Stow High School in Ohio (decision pending). Requests for qualified Latin teachers have also come from high schools and even some elementary schools. It is frustrating not to have a pool of candidates with which to respond to such inquiries. A list of endangered, cancelled, and new Latin programs in CAMWS territory is appended to this report (Appendix G).

9.) CPL Promotional Grants. As of March 26, 2003, thirteen CPL grants from ten states and six CAMWS regions have been approved. These grants have funded speakers, mailings, certamen machines, prizes, and even a Roman mosaic. A list of these grants is attached (Appendix H) and is also posted on the CPL website. $1250.00 remains in the budget for 2002-2003.

10.) CPL Handbook. This handbook needs to be revised. The first step, conversion of the present handbook to electronic copy, has been completed. Revision work is in progress. The outgoing chair plans to pass a completed draft of the revised handbook over to the new CPL chair early in the summer of 2003.

11.) Expressions of Gratitude. The outgoing chair would like to conclude his last report with a hearty expression of thanks to all the members of CAMWS, especially the regional and state VPís, with whom he has worked for the past six years and who helped make this challenging job both pleasant and rewarding.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas J. Sienkewicz
CPL Chair


Appendices A, B and C: 2002-2003 CPL Panels
Appendix D: Secondary Certification Programs in CAMWS Territory
Appendix E: List of Master Teachers in CAMWS Territory
Appendix F: NLTRW Activities in CAMWS Territory 2003
Appendix G: Latin Programs in CAMWS Territory: 2003
Appendix H: CPL Grants 2002-2003