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The Monmouth College

Department of Classics


the fourteenth annual

Bernice L. Fox Classics Lecture

Always Something New From Africa:

Ancient Africa and its Marvels


Professor Kenneth Kitchell

University of Massachusetts

at Amherst

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Monday, October 12, 1998

7:30 P.M.

Highlander Room

Stockdale Center

Monmouth College

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In this illustrated talk Kitchell offers an overview of the image of Africa in the art, literature, and minds of the ancient Greeks and Romans. He focuses, in particular, on the inhabitants of the continent, both real and mythical, and deals not only with elephants, rhinoceri and monkeys but also with fabulous races of deformed and unique human beings such as the bogey-woman named Lamia, African demons, and self-healing hippos. He examines fantastic stories about how to catch a crocodile and why lions have successively fewer children with each litter. Kitchell uses these tales to show how the ancients could use oral tradition critically. They were entertained by these fantastic tales but were able to distinguish between the facts and fiction.

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