Conjunction Activities for Children

This game is great for teaching proper usage of conjunctions.  Simply click on the above highlighted link and it will take you to an online crossword puzzle that your students can use.  Or, if you would like to make this an in-the-class activity, simply print it off and make copies for everyone.  This could be used as a introductory or culminating activity for a conjunction unit. 

Use this activity as a timed exercise in which you provide the students with fifty simple sentences.  The students must then link the sentences together to further comprehend the purpose of conjunctions.

In this particular activity students will create compound sentences with the use of conjunctions.  The purpose of this assignment is to show the importance of conjunctions and the role that they play in everyday grammar and written form.  The objective will be to get students to write two paragraphs using a variety of simple and compound sentences.

This is a great way to get your students to visualize the function that conjunctions perform!  Try it out, and let us know if it helped!

This activity will allow students to create their own sentences using the conjunction "But".  Students will divide into teams and then create sentences starting with "Yes, but...."