This study began in the late 1960's as a Christmas present for my father-in-law. It grew into a several year project once I discovered that every American with the name Juvenal or Juvinall was descended from one Huguenot immigrant to Pennsylvania. Similarly, every Jouvenal or Juvenal in France is apparently descended from a minister closely associated with Joan of Arc. However, in the religious wars of the sixteenth century genealogical records vanished, so that we can only guess at the connections of the Protestant exiles to the medieval families.

The War for Independence was a fatal event for the Juvenals' powered wig business, so some family members moved to Kentucky as pioneers. Thence some went to Ohio, to Danville, Illinois, in the 1840's to Iowa, then to Texas, and to Kansas. The Texas, Kansas and Illinois Juvenals cooperated in cattle drives from 1866 into the 1880's, taking Texas cattle first to Kansas, then to Illinois and Indiana for fattening for sale. The Crash of 1873 dealt a serious blow to their fortunes, but they persevered for another decade.

Ultimately, Juvenals, Juvinalls, and Juveniles scattered across the country. Most remain Protestant, most share a unique sense of humor.

This website is only slightly updated from the printed book, without maps or photos. Nor is there likely to be significant work on the project for some time; hence, it is provided as it is, incomplete and with numerous flaws, but nevertheless available. Comments, corrections, and updated information are welcomed. ( or William Urban, Dept of History, Monmouth College, Monmouth IL 61462.

The Juvenal family in Europe.

The Juvenal family in America.

The first Juvinall family in Danville, Illinois

The Juvenal Trail Drive of 1870