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Set Up the Gradebook for Non-Weighted or Weighted Grades

Non-Weighted Grades

By default, the Moodle gradebook calculates students' final grades as "total points earned divided by total points possible," so no additional setup is required for this aggregation method unless you want to create categories for your grade items. (Grouping items by category can make them easier to locate on the Grader Report.) For more information, see Create a Category.

Weighted Grades

If you want to use weighted grades, then you'll need to create categories and then assign weights to the categories.  Instructions for how to do this are below.

  1. Open the gradebook.
  2. Click the gradebook drop-down menu and select Gradebook setup.

  3. Click Add category.

     Add category
  4. Under Grade category, in the Category name field, enter a name for the category.

    Category name
  5. Click Save changes.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each category that you want to create.
  7. Assign a weight to each category. (Click the category's Weight checkbox and then enter the desired value in the weight field.)

  8. Click Save changes.
  9. Move grade items into the categories. (Click a grade item's Select checkbox and then click the Move selected items to drop-down menu and select the desired category.)

    Move selected items to