Monmouth College / Midwest Matters

Midwest Matters Initiative

In the fall of 2009, Monmouth College announced the Midwest Matters initiative.  Through this initiative the College seeks to contribute an academic voice to the conversation about the revitalization of the region within an increasingly globalized world.  Midwest Matters initiative is continually growing and changing.  Check back often for news, events, and resources.

Monmouth College's Midwestern Roots
Founded in 1853 as a Presbyterian academy, with the primary intent of producing educated teachers and clergy to serve the practical and spiritual needs of a pioneer religious community on the edge of the Western frontier, Monmouth College was from its beginning also embraced by the larger local community of industrialists, farmers, lawyers and other professionals. They recognized the benefits that a higher-education institution would bring to Western Illinois, and generously supported it, both financially and with their professional expertise. Through the past century and a half, that commitment by the community has not diminished, nor has the college’s commitment to the community in which it resides. Although it has grown to become a nationally-ranked liberal arts college, Monmouth College maintains a strong local focus and prides itself on admitting local students of promise—many of whom, because of circumstances beyond their control, would otherwise have difficulty attaining the benefits of a private college education.

Blogging the Global Midwest
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