Monmouth College / Midwest Matters

About the Midwest Matters Initiative

Midwest Studies focuses scholarly attention on the history, character, and future of the Midwest.  We seek to understand, with neither regret nor triumphalism, the challenges and opportunities facing our region in this age of globalization.  The Midwest Matters initiative at Monmouth College is premised on the belief that the College can and should contribute to the Midwest for the mutual benefit of the region and of our students.  At the core of the Midwest Matters initiative are courses that encourage students to understand the region using the distinctive Monmouth College attention to interdisciplinarity, active student engagement with surrounding communities, and the liberal arts.   Current courses investigate connections between science and business in the Midwest; demographic, economic, and political realities spawned by global migration; historical memory and regional identity; and how modes of transportation and communications have defined, and continue to define, the Midwest.

For more information on the Midwest Matters initiative, please contact Robin Johnson.

Robin Johnson
Coordinator of Midwest Studies
(309) 457-2367