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Off-Campus Programs
"Fear of knowing condemns us to ignorance, fear of doing reduces us to impotence." -- Eduardo Galeano

A complete list of off-campus programs can be found here. Programs of particular interest to biology majors are described in more detail below.

ACM Programs
The Associated Colleges of the Midwest, a consortium of liberal arts colleges including Monmouth, offers several off-campus study programs which may be of interest to Biology majors. Monmouth students have participated in all of the programs except the relatively recent Tanzania program.  Students may attend these programs without additional cost above their standard Monmouth tuition and 16 hours of course credits transfer to MC.

ACM Costa Rica - Tropical Field Research (spring semester)
In one of the more popular and established ACM programs, students begin by spending a month in language and culture orientation in San Jose. After selecting an adviser and research topic, they spend the rest of the semester in the field doing research on a specific topic in biology, ecology, or environmental science. For instance, a recent Monmouth graduate studied the foraging behavior of tapirs in a lowland tropical rain forest. Contact Ken Cramer at

ACM Tanzania - Human Evolution and Ecology (fall semester)
This new program (established 1998) offers students the chance to do research in paleoanthropology or ecology at such world-famous research sites as the Olduvai gorge, Laetoli, and the Serengeti plains. Ecological studies at the latter site are of particular interest to environmental science and biology majors. Contact Ken Cramer at

ACM/GLCA Oak Ridge Science Semester (fall semester)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a leading center for energy-related research, but the research programs cover a breadth of areas in biology and environmental science. Students conduct intensive research in a national lab and have the option to take a course from a resident ACM faculty member. Research topics include cancer treatment and causation, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and radiation effects to name a few. Dr. Cramer was a resident faculty in the program in Fall 2000. He taught a course in conservation biology and research on the response of macro-invertebrate communities in the leaf litter to a large-scale global warming experiment. Contact Chris Fasano at

Summer Research Experiences (REUs) and Career Internships
In addition to conducting independent research with Monmouth faculty, students are encouraged to apply for independent summer research, typically REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at a variety of research universities. Monmouth students have received competitive internships at the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Iowa, Oregon State University, and the University of California-San Diego to name a few. 

Students have also pursued career experience internships for a variety of local organizations and businesses as well as the government. Working internships qualify a student to receive 1-3 hours of academic credit, depending on the duration of the internship. Some organizations Monmouth students have interned for in the past five years are: USDA, The Nature Conservancy, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, Illinois State Police (forensics), Monsanto, Monmouth Water Treatment plant, US Dept. of Interior, Illinois Natural History Survey, Community Memorial Hospital, Cottage Hospital, and Kirkwood Veterinary Clinic.



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