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Dr. Tim Tibbetts

Tim TibbettsProfessor and Chair

Contact Information

Phone: 309-457-2348

Office: Rm. 232, CSB

Office Hours


B.A., Lawrence University, 1989; M.S., Colorado State University, 1994; Ph.D. 2000, Michigan State University.

Courses taught

General Botany, Field Botany, Environmental Science, Life on Earth, Evolution.

Research Interests

Plant ecology, dendrochronology, vines and invasive plant species, prairie restoration, forensic botany.

Recent Publications

Tibbetts, T. J. and F. W. Ewers. 2000. Root Pressure and specific conductivity in temperate lianas: exotic Celastrus orbiculatus (Celastraceae) vs. native Vitis riparia (Vitaceae). American Journal of Botany 87:1272-12



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