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Undergraduate Research is at the Core of the Monmouth College Chemistry and Biochemistry Education

 Undergraduate research ….

1. instills a level of “scientific” confidence and independence in students.

2. enables students to apply and broaden their knowledge learned in the classroom.

3. is an invaluable way for students to strengthen their scientific communication skills.

4. exposes students to open-ended questions.

 Students are encouraged to become involved in undergraduate research as early as the Fall semester of their sophomore year.  Students are required before their senior year to register for 3 credits of research. They are also encouraged to spend at least one summer during their college career in an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program at a research university or at Monmouth College.  The best way to demonstrate the value of undergraduate research to students at Monmouth College is to hear from Monmouth College students themselves.

 Student Testimonials on Undergraduate Research

“With taking research at Monmouth, I have gained confidence in the lab.  I feel that I use the information I have gained in the classroom in the actual lab.  My REU research advisor has commented on how much Monmouth has prepared me with my instrumental knowledge for life post Monmouth.”

“Monmouth College provides many opportunities for undergraduate research.  I have had the privilege to work on several projects with different professors here at Monmouth.  Research is extremely different than the classroom style setting, and it has allowed me to experience another realm of science.  Working in the research lab has allowed me to open my mind to problems and ideas that extend beyond a textbook, and research has provided me with knowledge I would not have gained through studies and classes.  Undergraduate research is an amazing experience which has also allowed me to ground a firm decision of my future goals.”  

“As an undergraduate at Monmouth College, undergraduate research is one of the most important things you can do. It is great to have the opportunity to closely work with a professor and develop a good understanding how research flows. There are many aspects of research people don't see until they experience it first hand. Monmouth College undergraduate research lets you experience that. It has greatly influenced me in deciding to further my education and apply to graduate school."


Faculty with Research Programs


Dr.Bradley Sturgeon - Biophysical Chemistry

Dr. Laura Moore - Biochemistry/Biophysics

Dr. Audra Goach Sostarecz  - Bioanalytical Chemistry/ Biophysics

Dr. Michael Prinsell - Organic Chemistry








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