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KAL Fireworks




KAL Inc. offers its services for any type of party, even for that last minute surprise occasion!

KAL Inc. specializes in firework pyrotechnics shows for audiences like you!  Creating fantastic displays of laser illusions, while also providing a fun, musical environment. KAL Inc. works hard to make your show exhilarating and memorable!



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Our First Show Design and Description


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     We are pleased to announce that our first laser show is scheduled for June 3, 2005! We are excited to kick off the start of summer with all of you!  This is a celebration for the entire family, providing plenty of food, drinks, music, and of course, FANTASTIC FIREWORK DISPLAYS!


       The theme for our first show is “shimmyin’ Shindig.”  Our shindig is comprised of country’s finest.  Yes, bring your cowboy boots, hats, and chaps, because the music and the lights will definitely get you on your feet! 


    Country music’s finest artists will complement the amazing light show, such as Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith, and Gretchen Wilson.  The laser show will kick off with small bursts of fireworks, emitting a variety of colors, created by Copper Acetoarsenate (blue) and many other compounds.  Following the warm-up, sparking bursts of red and blue light will be emitted continuously from a white-light laser for five whole minutes!  The compounds emitting magenta light create unpredictable shapes and intensities of the fireworks, so we are sitting back and enjoying the show’s secrets, just like you!  The stage will be set up like an old western town, with room for you and your friends and loved ones to line dance and square dance at your leisure, too! We will display our laser show on the side of the mountain that is in the center of the park. 


    If sitting in a dome is not your style, then we welcome you to sit on the park's fresh green grass. KAL will provide you foam cushions for those who are not in the stadium. 







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