COMM 339 -- Persuasion 

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Persuasive Campaign Topics / Audiences
COMM 339 - Fall 2016

last updated 10/31/2016

Kayla Beadles Volunteer at the Warren County History Museum - MC Students Wed. 11/9
Andrea Correa Study Abroad - MC Students (Frosh. and Soph.) Wed. 11/9
Jessica Fox Participate in the Hancock County Fair Queen Pageant - Local Girls  (age16-21) Wed. 11/9
Lily Guillen Volunteer to Tutor EFL in Monmouth - MC Students Wed. 11/9
Ben Schweitzer Add a Minor to your Liberal Arts College Experience - MC Students (esp. Frosh. and Soph.) Wed. 11/9
Korneel Dobbels Don't Text and Drive - MC Students Fri. 11/11
Ethan Hager Support your Local Planned Parenthood Chapter -- Local Area Young Adults andParents Fri. 11/11
Carla Oshima Intervene in Cyber-Bullying - MC Students Fri. 11/11
Jazmyne Townsend Get Healthy through diet and Exercise - MC Students and Staff Fri. 11/11
Vicky Cao Participate in MC's "Relay for Life"  --  MC Students, Faculty and Staff Mon. 11/14
Taylor Jones Volunteer at your Local Animal Shelter -- College Students and Young Adults Mon. 11/14
Fischer Reed Give to Cure ALS - MC Students and Faculty Mon. 11/14
Caley Swearingen Support the Campaign to Reject Consolidation -- Kewanee and Weathersfield Districts' Residents. Mon. 11/14

* MSP = Message Strategy Presentation Date

Topics in Italics may need narrowing or greater specificity.