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COMM 339 - Persuasion - Course Assignments and Resources

 Rhetorical Situation Homework

Ethics Paper Assignment -- Ethics Cases for Analysis

Theory Homework #1  --->   Answers

Theory Homework #2   --->  Answers

Theory Homework #3   --->  Answers

Study Guide for the Persuasion Theory Mid-Term Exam

Homework on Audience Dimensions

Term Project Description 

Campaign Topics (2016)

I. Campaign Overview and Audience Assignment

Sample Audience Analysis - "Promoting Oral Hygene"

II. Message Strategy Presentation Assignment 

Message Strategy Presentation Topics and Schedule

Message Strategy Presentation -- Check List

Evaluation form for the Persuasive Message Strategy Assignment

MSP Learning Reflection Assignment

Sample Message Strategy Presentation PowerPoint - "Career Placement Service"

Sample Message Strategy Presentation PowerPoint - "City Lights Restaurant"
    plus Outline

III. The Persuasive Campaign Plan (Final Paper) 

Sample Commercial Product Campaign Plan - City Lights Restaurant  (before page limits were set)

Sample Public Service Campaign Plan - Big Brothers/Sisters  (similar to the current format)

Sample Public Service Campaign Plan - Promoting Oral Hygene  (using the current format)

           Campaign Plan Evaluation form

Final Exam Study Guide

Sample final exam answer