COMM 339 -- Persuasion

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Information and Propaganda

1.  Education vs Propaganda -- the blurry line (AP 31)

  • is it a difference in values

  • or hidden/deceptive motive (hiding your persuasive purpose)

  • or unethical practice ??

2.  What is News?  (AP 32)   [Note the Nazi's and 1st Amendment implications ]

  • News is selected items

  • It is entertainment 1st (action orientation, vivid images dominate)

  • “Beats” are regularly covered so story types are routine (e.g. celebrity news)

  • A riot is news; a non-riot is not -- U of Texas efforts that prevented a riot (the protest was allowed and police cooperated) was not on national news.

  • Visuals matter, thus persuaders use dramatic staged events, sound bites, etc. to get news to persuade (framing)

3.  Subliminal Persuasion (AP 34)

  •  There’s some evidence for subliminal perception (as awareness only).

  •  There’s no good evidence that it influences behavior, esp. conscious behavior and plenty that it doesn’t work.

  •  The fact that people falsely belief in subliminal persuasion may be more interesting than the phenomenon itself.


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