Organizational Communication

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Module 1 – Welcome to EFN Negotiation Training!



The training program will begin with a short meeting on Friday evening in which the trainees will get introduced to the art of negotiating and get to know the trainers and other trainees.  The trainees will also receive their itineraries for the weekend.  (Appendix A)



1.      The trainees will be comfortable with their surroundings and fellow participants for the rest of the training program.

2.      The trainees will be able to define negotiating and explain its importance on the job and in everyday life

3.      The trainees will able to list the objectives of the training program and relate them to their own experience.



Training Techniques and Methods:

1.      Get to Know You:  The trainees will begin with a short icebreaker to introduce everyone to one another.  Trainees will partner up with another trainee and have a brief, five-minute conversation in which they will learn as much about the other person as they can.  Then, each trainee will stand up and introduce their partner to the rest of the trainees.  The “candy bar” game will be played.  This game illustrates how important negotiation expertise can be and highlights key elements of the training program content.

2.       Principles of Negotiating:  At this session the trainees will be given the definition of negotiating (Appendix E).  The trainers will explain why negotiating is important and why it is especially important to young women when they are entering the workforce.  A handout will be given on the principles of negotiating.  (Appendix F)

3.      Objectives of EFN’s Negotiation Training:  In groups of 5 or less the trainees will discuss their personal goals for the program and they will share ideas for applying negotiation skills in their jobs and personal lives.