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DATE last updated 11/2/2016
(due by email or as noted)

Wed.  8/24

Welcome to M.C. Consulting.--  Introduction to the Training Project.

Training Subject selected -- Lab #1
 [ BD = "Don Clark's ISD Training Handbook," a web book on training programs.]

Wed.  8/31

Training (The CTM ) vs (College) Education.  
 BD Ch. 1;   Topic/Content Research;
Training Books on Reserve

Lab #2
Team Contract, Trainee Profile &

Weekly Team Report Due: 9/1 (all assignments due at 4pm unless otherwise noted)

Wed.  9/7

Needs Assessment.   
Don Clark's Needs Assessment chapter, BD's Ch. 2 and Methods
Finish content readings by lab time.  Bring Needs Analysis interview results to lab next week.

Lab #3
Schedule team meeting with McGaan, ASAP.
Needs Analysis Questions & Plan +
Weekly Team Report Due: 9/8

 Wed.  9/14  Developing Content- Using Needs Assessment Data. 
BD Ch. 2 and Methods

   Complete revised version of Pitch sec. I & II -- due
when completed (but soon)
to be graded.
 Lab #4

 Weekly Team Report due: 9/15 (4pm)
 Revised draft of Pitch sections I & II  due as ready but soon.

Wed.  9/21

Setting Training Goals and Objectives.   BD Ch.3 
Consider Your Market

Lab #5
Draft General Training Objectives  +
Weekly Team Report Due: 9/22  

Wed.  9/28

Creating a Program Outline/ Sequencing Content
Selling Your Product to MC Consulting

Lab #6
Weekly Team Report  and revised training goals page due: 9/29

 Wed.  10/5

 Product Sales Pitches  |  Grading Rubric
     Review Training Project, Part II
 Product Pitch Slide Show due 10/6  (by email)
Prelim. Peer Evaluations due: 10/6  in class

To Be Scheduled

Between 10/7 & 10/11

 Individual Team Meetings with McGaan,TBD.  Review the links below this week.
    Principles of Adult Learning (video)
   Principles of Adult Learning

   NCA Training Standards "Best Practices"

Lab #6b
Weekly Team Report  and Post Meeting Response/Action Plan
 due 10/11, Noon.

    10/12 - 10/16                               FALL BREAK

Wed. 10/19

Designing Successful Training Units  BD Ch. 4
    Sample Module - ECC

Lab #7
Weekly Team Report and sample training module Due: 10/20, 4pm

Wed. 10/26

     Mentoring Day

Weekly Team Report Due: 10/27;
Arrange a team meeting with McGaan in the next week

Wed. 11/2

 Training Methods.   BD Ch. 5 |  Media Dictionary  |   VAK Learning Styles

Lab #8
Weekly Team Report Due: 11/3

Wed. 11/9

Training Methods, II.  |  Evaluation.   BD Ch. 6
Questioning and Discussion

 Lab #9
 Weekly Team Report Due: 11/10, 4pm

Wed. 11/16

Evaluation.      |  Final Team Workday  | Kirkpatrick Evaluation
     Training Program Demonstration Evaluation form (FYI)

Lab #10
Sample Evaluation Plan &
Final Team Report Due: 11/17

   11/23 - 11/27                               THANKSGIVING  BREAK

Wed. 11/30

Training Program Demonstrations
Teams:  during lab time   |  Teams:  evening session

Written Training Materials due:  12/5  (Mon.)  by 3pm

 Wed. 12/7

Training Programs Reviewed.

Final Team Member Peer Evaluations due: 12/6,  in class.