COMM 333-Organizational Communication


last updated 8/29/2004

Training Books on Reserve at Hewes Library


HD 62.15.C35 1933

Capezio, Peter and Debra Morehouse

Taking the mystery out of TQM: a practical guide to total quality management.

Hawthorne, N.J.: Career Press, cl993.



HF 5549.5T7 C539  l998

Charles, C. Leslie. and Clarke-Epstein

The instant trainer: quick tips on how to teach others what you know

New York: McGraw-Hill, c.l998.


HF 5549.5.T7 C5412  1998

Charney, Cyril. and Kathy Conway

The trainer’s tool kit

New York: AMACOM, cl998.



HD 58.82.L4 l995

Chawla, Sarita. & John Renesch. editors

Learning organizations: developing cultures for tomorrow’s workplace/

Portland, Or.: Productivity Press, l995.



HF5549.5T7  T6648  l996

Craig, Robert L.

The ASTD training and development handbook: a guide to human resource development

New York: McGraw-Hill, c l996.


HD66.D84 2005

Dufrene, Deborah.

Building High Performance Teams.  New York:  c2005 


HF5549.5T7 G535 l997

Goad, Tom W.

The first-time trainer: a step-by-step quick guide for managers, supervisors, and new training professionals

New York: AMACOM, cl997.


HM l3l.J613  l982

Johnson, David W.,  and Frank P. Johnson

Joining together: group theory and group skills

Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, cl982.



LB 1028.35.I56 l989

Johnson, Kerry A.

Instructional design: new alternatives for effective education and training/edited by Kerry Johnson, Lin J. Foa.

New York: National University Continuing Education Association, cl989.



HM l34.A7  l979

Jones, John E.

The l979 annual handbook for group facilitators/editors: John E. Jones and J. William Pheiffer.

La Jolla, Calif.: University Associates, cl979.



HF57l8.22.N49 l998

Newstrom, John W.  and Edward E. Scannell.

The big book of presentation games: wake-em-up tricks, ice breakers & other fun stuff

New York: McGraw-Hill, cl998.



HF5549.5.T7 P463 l995

Pike, Robert W. with Christopher Busse.

101 games for trainers: a collection of the best activities from Creative training technique newsletter

Minneapolis, MN:  Lakewood Publications, cl995.



HF5549.5.T7 P75 2000

Priest, Simon, l955-

99 of the best experiential corporate games we know/Simon Priest, Sam Sikes,

Lakebay, WA: eXperientia Consulting Consortium, c2000.



HF5549.5.T7 R87 2000

Russell, Lou, l957-

Project management for trainers: stop “winging it” and get control of your training project/ Russell.

Alexandria, VA: ASTD, c2000.



HM133.S3 l983

Scannell, Edward E.  and John Newstrom.

More games trainers play: experiential learning exercises

New York: McGraw Hill, cl983.



HM133.S29 l994

Scannell, Edward E.  and John Newstrom

Even more games trainers play: experiential learning exercises.

New York: McGraw-Hill, cl994.



HF5549.5.T7 S555 l998

Silberman, Melvin L.

Active training: a handbook of techniques, designs, case examples and tips/Mel Silberman assited by Carol Auerbach.

San Francisco, Calif.: Jossey-Bass Publishers, cl998.



HF5549.5.T7 T26 2000

Tamblyn, Doni.

The big book of humorous training games/ Doni Tamblyn, Shayn Weiss.

New York: McGraw Hill, c2000.



HD57.7.T5 l997

Tichy, Noel M.

The leadership engine: how winning companies build leaders at every level/ Noel Tichy/Cohen.

New York, NY: Harper Business,c.l997.