Organizational Communication

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last updated 10/6/2016

The Myth of Meritocracy


Its not the whole story and these factors are less overwhelming after achieving middle management. However,


Often promotion/success depends on:


1.                 How much supervisors see promotables as "like themselves" i.e. identification. This has advantages for the superior.

  •    helps in rapid decision-obedience situations

  • reduces uncertainty

  • eases communication 

2.                 positive relationships, esp. with superiors. This is often linked to "perceived" competence (see the 3 parts of a competent image).

  •  You must communicate success so

(1)     It can be seen and

(2)      It is recognized as representative of skills needed at the higher level (not your own level).

  •   personal relationships also influence recommendations. Those who get promotions have the most good recommendations from powerful people, esp at higher levels.


 Discussion item for Tuesday:

  • What can you do to prepare yourself for advancement in the workplace?  That is, how can you use the material above (and on the previous two web pages) to design a strategy for your career?