Organizational Communication

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last updated 11/27/2016

Training Reflection Questions

Come to the final exam prepared to construct and present group answers to the questions below.

 Consider the training demonstration your team just presented to Chet as a professional, oral communication message that needed to be done skillfully.

  1. What were the strengths and weakness of your presentation as an oral “message?”  What are some features of the demonstration as it occurred in class that indicate you are skillful as “live trainers?”  Consider and report on these elements.

 -- Identify the thesis or central concept of the message and the purpose of the message.

                                                -- Identify the intended audience of the message and how (well) your understanding of the audience (trainee profile) influenced message design

                                                -- Explain how the message represents good quality message construction (i.e. a good training unit)  in terms of such features as  use of appropriate organizational schemes, effective acquisition and use of supporting material, good reasoning, use of professional methods, language and standards, adaptation of the message to the media used

                                                -- Explain how the message reflects competent and skillful communication execution or performance (as opposed to content).  What did you do well as speakers/trainers.  Consider such features as information/speech delivery (fluency, use of notes, dynamism, confidence, eye contact) of the presentation, building rapport with the trainees, providing feedback on activities, leading/encouraging discussion and engagement, etc.

                                                 -- What could you have done better?

 Consider the training demonstration your team just presented as an example of good quality application of theory and knowledge of Organizational Communication principles and research.

  1. How does the training program in its totality demonstrate your team’s ability to apply professional communication knowledge and critical skills to a concrete activity similar to the real-world.

                                                        -- Identify knowledge and theory you included in the program related to the topic of your training project.

                                                         -- Identify the knowledge of good training program design that is evidence in your training program plan.

                                                         -- Cite specific features of your program (in the demonstration or in the paper) that illustrate how you effectively applied knowledge identified above.

                                                         -- What could you have done better?