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Robert Hale
Rob HaleProfessor


Contact Information

Mellinger Learning Center, 207

Office Hours


and by appointment



B.A., University of Tennessee, 1988; M.A., Louisiana State University, 1995; Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1996.

Courses Taught

English 110: A first year course focused on writing arguments

English 180: A theme-based introductory course for non-majors

English 200: Introduction to English Studies

English 221: A survey of British literature from 1789 - 1939

English 299: A training course for writing tutors

English 328: British Novels (taught as Victorian novels, nineteenth century British novels by women, and modern British novels)

English 350: A survey of Romantic poetry

English 350: Victorian culture

English 350: Transatlantic Literature of the 1890s

English 350: A survey of short stories

English 400: An intensive capstone course for English majors

Interdisciplinary Studies 101: A required, theme-related course for incoming first year students

Issues & Ideas 426: A senior, general education capstone on feminist approaches to literature and society

Women's Studies 201: An introduction to Women's Studies

Teaching Interests

My primary teaching area is 19th-century British literature, particularly romantic poetry.  Professors Ed Bratton and R. B. Miller sparked my passion for romantic poetry when I was an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee.  As the list of courses taught indicates, I'm also interested in Victorian literature, particularly fiction, and turn-of-the-century literature of Britain and the United States.  Another interest that began at UT but which was expanded in graduate school with mentoring from my major professor, Michelle Massé, is women's literature, especially nineteenth-century fiction and poetry.  

Research Interests

My main research area is the poetry of William Wordsworth.  Often noted as a poet who writes about childhood and children, Wordsworth also wrote about mothers and fathers.  Much of my research centers on Wordsworth's representation of mothers, how and why he depicts them, and what his treatments teach us about his poetry. I am currently exploring the relationship between Victorian painting and poetry and hope to use the knowledge I gain to develop my Victorian culture class. 

About Robert Hale

Having spent most of my life in the South, I had no idea that I would ever end up living in a town of ten thousand in Western Illinois working at a small, residential liberal arts college; however, the move to Monmouth and the tight-knit, collegial community has enriched my life beyond measure.  Most of my time outside of school is spent with my wife raising our two children--the most challenging and gratifying job of my life. 

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Professor Bridget Draxler, CAC coordinator, published 'City of Lit':  Collaborative Research in Literature and New Media" in the Spring 2012 The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy.n
Bridget Draxler, Hawei Hsieh, NikkiDudley, Jon Winet, et al.



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