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Prizes and Awards

The Monmouth College English Department offers a number of prizes to reward exceptional students during the academic year. 

  • The Lloyd C. and Dorothy Arthur Prize in Expository Writing was established in 1996 to honor the memory of Lloyd C. Arthur 1918-1996, a member of the Monmouth College Class of 1939 and a former Monmouth postmaster who was active in the Presbyterian Church and several community organizations. It is presented annually to a Monmouth College student for excellence in expository or argumentative prose in class work.

Past Award Recipients: Deanna Southerd, 2015; Stevie Croisant, 2014; Sarah Zaubi, 2013; Wesley Teal, 2011; Noelle Templeton, 2010; Allison Bates, 2009; Meryem Zaman, 2005; Lindsey Markel, 2004; Betsy Mahrt, 2003 and 2002.

  • The Eva Cleland Book Award was first presented in 1978 to honor Professor Eva Hanna Cleland 1895-1991, a native of Canada who taught English at Monmouth College from 1923 until her retirement in 1966, and who is credited with modernizing the department by introducing the study of creative writing along with modern poetry and prose. The award is presented annually to an English major for outstanding work in English literature.

Past Award Recipients: Sara Stalter, 2015; Jessica Bybee, 2014; Chase Mowery, 2013; Leanna Waldron, 2012; Ashley Musser, 2011; Daniel Weber, 2010; Raleigh Moon, 2009; Allison Bates, 2008; Michael Seufert, 2007; Kelly Winfrey, 2006; Karen Krautwurst, 2005; Betsy Mahrt, 2004; Nichole Olson, 2003 and 2002.

  • The Rosanna Webster Graham Prize in Creative Writing was established in 1987 to honor the memory of Rosanna Webster Graham 1906-1985, a 1928 Monmouth College graduate with a lifelong interest in the creative arts. A founding member of the college’s Crimson Masque dramatic society, she later became an accomplished artist and short story writer. The prize is awarded each year for the best example of student creative writing, in the form of a one-act play, short story or poetry.

Past Award Recipients: Marilyn De Jesus and Rachel Witzig, 2015; Allison Razo and Will Terrill, 2014; Ben Eaton and David Nieman, 2013; Jackie Deskovich, 2012; Ryan Bronaugh (1st place), Alex Kane and Brandon Groom (2nd place), 2011; Wesley Teal, 2010; Kyle Christensen, 2009; Jeremy Doze, 2008; Jamie Calder, Tom Nagawiecki, and Michael Seufert, 2007; Marisa Kratochvil and Michael Seufert, 2006; David Martinez, 2005; Laura Haumiller and Ryan Sumner, 2004; Betsy Mahrt and Beth Blafka, 2002.

  • The Adele Kennedy Book Award was first awarded in 1979 to honor Professor Adele Kennedy 1907-1987, who retired from the English Department in 1977 after 31 years of service. Known affectionately as “Mom” to her students, she touched hundreds of lives with her creative teaching style, bringing the written word to life. The award is presented annually to an English major for outstanding work in American literature.

Past Award Recipients: Kathleen Brown, 2015; Coleman Reed, 2014; David Nieman, 2013; Alexander Nall, 2012; Tiffany Lefler, 2011; Wesley Teal, 2010; Maddie Ethington, 2009 and 2008; Shannon Slee, 2007; Amanda Benham, 2006; Talitha Nelson, 2005; Karen Krautwurst, 2004; Autumn McGee, 2003 and 2002.

  • The William B. McKinley Prizes in English were endowed in 1925 by Senator William Brown McKinley of Illinois 1856-1926. A trustee of the University of Illinois and a philanthropist, he awarded the prizes to encourage individual study and research in advanced work in English.

Past Award Recipients: Amanda Bridge, 2015; Tiffany Adams, 2014; Sarah Zaubi, 2013; Alex Holt and Wesley Teal, 2012; Mary Grzenia and Alex Kane, 2011; Tiffany Lefler, 2010; Anne Stone, 2009; Luke Gorham, 2008; Shannon Slee, 2007;Todd Franks and Shannon Hess, 2006; Lindsay Markel and Jarred Mauck, 2005; Ryan Schrodt and Shannon Kloser, 2004; Rebekah Danaher and Shannon Kloser, 2003; Rebekah Danaher and Shannon Kloser, 2002.

  • The Philip J. Wheeler Memorial Prize in Literature was established in 1997 in memory of Philip J. Wheeler 1926-1997. A 1950 Monmouth College graduate with a degree in business administration, he was a former Monmouth bookstore owner, a supporter of the Warren County Library and an avid reader. It is awarded annually to an English major with a strong interest in literature.

Past Award Recipients: Marian Hjelmgren, Jade Luthy, and Kalin McKean, 2015; Marian Hjelmgren, Chase Mowery, and Will Terrill, 2014; Will Terrill, 2013; Jackie Deskovich and Mary Grzenia, 2012; Alex Holt, 2011; Laura Dumont, 2010; Allison Bates and Maddie Ethington, 2009; Laura Dumont, 2008; Shannon Slee, 2007; Karen Krautwurst, 2006; Kat Neilson and Karen Krautwurst, 2005; Kat Neilson and Rebekah Danaher, 2004.

  • In addition, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest offers a yearly, nationally-recognized Nick Adams Short Story Contest. Monmouth College has had several finalists over the last decade, including Lisa M. Bennett who won the prize in 1997 with "Dead Languages."
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The Department of English is pleased to welcome Professor Kasia Bartoszynska, who is teaching 19th century literature and British Literature II!





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