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Mark Willhardt
Mark WillhardtProfessor
Department Chair

Contact Information

Mellinger Learning Center, 203

Office Hours


and by appointment



(2000), Associate Professor of English, 2000- B.A., Macalester College, 1987; M.A., Rutgers University, 1989; Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1993.

Courses Taught

English 110:  Composition and Argument
English 180:  Introduction to Literature – Detective Fiction and/or Cover
English 200:  Introduction to English Studies
English 301:  Advanced Composition
English 314:  History of the English Language
English 343:  20th Century British Literature
English 350:  Chaucer
English 350:  Modern English Poetry
Modern Anglophone Poetry
                  Modern English-Language Poetry
English 350:  Modernism
English 350:  Angry Young Men
English 400:  Senior Seminar (Trans Atlantic Modernism; The Responsible Artist)

Teaching Interests

My interests are luckily reflected in the range of courses that I’ve been able to teach at Monmouth College. Although my graduate training was in Modernist, and particularly Scottish, literature, I’ve been able to explore my concerns with language as a living and changing item through History of the English Language and Chaucer. I’ve also been able to concentrate on poetry, the genre that brought me to English and most often keeps me here.

Research Interests

Having published on poetry – both as an anthologist of cross-gendered verse and as the editor of a biographical reference volume – my recent research has centered on notions of authenticity, particularly in popular culture. Last semester, my sabbatical was spent researching “authenticity” in rock music.  I looked not only at the philosophical roots of the concept but also at various musicians – from Elvis Costello to Devo – who might embody a certain vision of authenticity.  This project is large and will continue to occupy my thoughts and research breaks for some time to come. 

About Mark Willhardt

I was actually raised in the Monmouth College community, since my father was a professor here for thirty-five years. Although I trained and worked around the United States, I really wanted the community – intellectual, social, and professional – which colleges such as Monmouth provide. I was delighted, then, to return to Monmouth as a faculty member, since its vision of liberal arts is not one I simply profess; it’s one I’ve lived for the majority of my life.

The Mellinger Center

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Professor Bridget Draxler, CAC coordinator, published 'City of Lit':  Collaborative Research in Literature and New Media" in the Spring 2012 The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy.n
Bridget Draxler, Hawei Hsieh, NikkiDudley, Jon Winet, et al.



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