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COMM/PUBR Internships

Completing Your Internship as a Degree Requirement either for credit on not for credit:

Before the intern's last day at the internship site, the student intern, the faculty sponsor and the internship site supervisor meet together for an "appraisal conversation" to discuss the learning outcomes, the professional strengths of the student and his/her preparation for the world of work.  Ideally this meeting will occur face-to-face at the internship site but it may occur by phone where more convenient.  It is the intern's responsibility to arrange a time for this conversation that is practical for the site supervisor and the faculty sponsor and to make this happen before the internship concludes, if at all possible.

Following the "appraisal conversation," final ealuation of internships to determine grades and if the internship will meet major requirements requires the student to submission "Final Materials" following completion of the intership hours.  Please review our Guidelines on Preparing Final Materials. These materials are submitted electronically (by email) to the degree possible to the Faculty sponsor (usually the Internship Coordinator) and they include:

  • The internship contract with your internship site supervisor and your internship faculty sponsor. This contract (completed within ten days of beginning the internship and submitted to the internship coordinator with signed copies to the site supervisor and faculty sponsor) should be saved by the intern and included in the final materials submitted at the end of the internship.

  • A COMM/PUBR Internship Activities Log) of daily activities and hours on-site and off.  The electronic version of the activities log is now required.  The intern should print a copy of this log and ask the internship supervisor to sign the log indicating the supervisor believes the log is substantially accurate.  If a different form for the "hours log" is to be used, clear that plan with the Internship Coordinator.

  • A portfolio of created/finished materials presented to the faculty sponsor after completion of the internship. Items that can be included are tangible materials the student intern has created or worked on during the internship.  Examples include such things as newsletter, spreadsheets, advertsing copy, employee manuals, posters and fliers, various text files, press releases, web pages, news stories, audio or video files of media production assignments, etc.  Materials submitted vary greatly depending on the nature of the internship and some students do not have tangible materials to present in the form of a portfolio.  When in doubt, consult with the Internship Coordinator.   This portfolio of materials should be in electronic form if convenient but may include "hard copy" as necessary.

  • An abstract describing the internship (sample previous years abstracts)

  • A "Press Release" announcing completion of the internship (sample press release)

  • An electronic "poster" (in the form of a single-slide PowerPoint file) presenting information about the internship for public display.     Sample poster - Warren County Virtual Museum  |  Sample Poster - WCVM    Instructions on how to make the poster slide are found in the pdf file, Guidelines on Preparing Final Materials.

  • A Self Reflection and Evaluation essay written by the intern based on the internship experience and containing the following sections:

    • An overview of the internship experience highlighting the most significant activities during the experience.

    • A review of the "learning goals" defined in the internship contract, assessing the degree to which each was accomplished (or not) and noting other kinds of learning experienced during the internship not included in the original learning goals.

    • An evaluation of how COMM and Monmouth College courses and other experience helped prepare the student for the internship (or left the student under-prepared).

    • A reflection section discussing personal outcomes from the internship. These outcomes should address such questions as: * What did you learn about yourself during the internship? * What have you discovered you are good at? Dislike? Need to improve upon? * How did the internship change or reinforce your career goals? Personal goals?

  • A written evaluation from the on-site internship advisor using the COMM/PUBR Internship Evaluation form


Following this meeting and after submission of the Internship portfolio, the faculty sponsor and the student intern meet for a final review and evalation.

Publications and documents created, photographs of the work site, descriptions of work and other materials are often used as artifacts for COMM Professional Portfolio purposes. or as materials of interest to prospective employers.  Assuming the student feels it is appropriate, we recommend that, before the internship is complete, interns ask their site supervisors to write them a genral letter of recommendation.  Interns also may ask for job search ideas and permission to use the site supervisor as an employment reference.  (Don't assume you can use your supervisor's name without asking!)

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