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COMM and PUBR Internships

Internships are an integral part of the COMM and PUBR majors and the Journalism Minor representing a significant pre-professional learning experience and a jump start to a post-graduate career.  All COMM and PUBR majors and JOUR Minors are required to complete an internship experience (COMM majors may substitute an independent study).  The forms and procedures for both majors and the Journalism Minor are the same and are handled by the Communication Studies Department. Take a look at some of our internships from 2016-17 or internships from 2015-16 or from Summer 2014.

Internships can be taken in a large variety of job settings including such areas as marketing, human relations, training and development, journalism, broadcasting, arts management, public relations. Creative internships can also be arranged by a student in consultation with the Department. Take a look at our "Overview of the Internship Process" and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to see eligibility standards, a list of requirements for completing a passing internship and more.

A student who will have at least 14 course credits by the time of the internship (and who has completed a substantial part of the major or minor) should submit an application for internship by the established deadline (see above) during of the semester preceding the desired internship.  Students desiring to do an internship during the coming semester or summer should apply to the department for approval BEFORE accepting an internship and should apply even if they do not have a clear idea of what kind of an internship they will do.

The pages linked below provide more detailed discussions of the FIVE MAJOR STEPS (in order as numbered) for completing a pre-professional internship in order to meet graduation requirements for your major or minor.  The guidance provided on the pages linked below will give you the direction you need to have the best and most useful experience possible.

1.  Planning for your Internship 2. Searching for your Internship 3. Applying for COMM Approval to do an Internship
4.  Arranging Your Internship with the Department and the Site 5.  Completing Your Internship Overview of COMM Studies Internships & FAQs
Internship Site Supervisor's Guidebook (pdf) Internship Check Sheet Internship Resources Page

Currently, applications should be sent to Prof. Lee McGaan electronically. The COMM faculty will review the application and notify the student of their decision before the end of the semester. The application process results in the approval of a student as eligible for a COMM sponsored internship. It is not approval of the particular internship site itself.

Thus students are encouraged to apply for an internship even if they do not yet have a clear idea of where or what the internship may be. COMM faculty are always willing to assist students in beginning a search for internship sites and they may be a useful source of leads. You may find it useful to examine the list of past COMM Internships as this comprehensive listing will give you an idea of the full range of possibilities.

An internship is normally for one course credit. For one course credit we typically expect between 135 and 150 on-site hours (about eight to ten hours per week during a typical 15 week semester).  Increased on-site hours can earn a student more credit hours if approved in advance of beginning work at the site.  Internships that are “not for credit” but seek to meet Communication Studies Department major requirements require 75 on-site hours.




COMM/PUBR Internship Overview and FAQ

COMM/PUBR Internship Application Form (.doc)

COMM Independent Study Application/ Proposal form(.doc)

COMM/PUBR Internship Learning Agreement (Contract) Template (.rtf for use in Word and other word processors))

COMM/PUBR Internship Evaluation with final evaluation point only (.doc)

COMM/PUBR Internship Activities Log  (.doc)

COMM Internships - Interns and Sites

List of Skills Often Developed by COMM or PUBR Majors

Sample COMM/PUBR Internship Application

Sample COMM/PUBR Internship Contract

Internship Site Supervisor Guidebook (pdf)

[NOTE: Several forms and sample documents on this page are in  MS Word .doc format. The most convenient way to work with these forms is to save them to your account or computer by clicking on the link with your right mouse button, then clicking on the "Save Target As" menu item and saving the file to a location of your choice.]


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