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Selling Your Training Product To MC Consulting


The Goal of both written and oral presentations is to meet Chet's expectations so he will approve your product and allow your team to stay on the payroll and develop the content of the training program.  You must make it clear to Chet and as easy as possible for him to see that you have met his expectations,   which are:


  !       The program must be able to make money.


Chet must hear good ideas for ways to sell your product to clients.


There must be a substantial number of potential clients.


  !       The presentation offers proof the training program meets organizational needs


Training must improve organizational or personal effectiveness).  ("Proof" means providing evidence and arguments that credibly convince Chet there are good reasons to expect performance of the trainees will improve and additional revenue will be generated such that the company [ or individual ] will recover the cost of the training program.)


The program must appear to have the potential to meet your well-phrased objectives


  !       The training team must be seen as competent.


Focus like a laser on these three key issues!!



  1.  Use white space, bold, underline etc. to make key concepts easy to spot in visual aides (.ppt?) and written materials.

  2.  Use section and subsections with headings to help Chet locate ideas easily in written materials.

  3. Phrase ideas so it's clear which of Chet's expectations you are addressing and how your plan meets the expectation.

  4. Use references to other's work (research, text materials, etc.) and organizational topoi to build credibility.

  5. Use active voice in writing.

  6. Use AMOBUL in presentations (and writing) esp. A, M. &  O.  It works everywhere!

  7. Watch appearance!!  Dress to look like training professionals.

  8. Be confident in presentations (Don't just read, maintain good eye contact, be dynamic, and hype your product a bit.)

  9. Do introductions of the team; indicate expertise.  Illustrate teamwork.

  10. Be sure you have following carefully the format Chet expects for the written document you submit at the time of the presentation.  Include all parts.

last updated 9/22/2009