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Public Affairs Information Resources

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Last updated 9/2/2009

Hewes Library Online Resources - Monmouth College's access point for on-line data bases and internet searching. 

Lee McGaan's Internet Search Resources - My personal choices for Internet Searching Guides

Other Scholarly Internet Sites

  • INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections: INFOMINE is a comprehensive virtual library and reference tool for academic and scholarly Internet resources, including Web sites, databases.
  • Google Scholar Googles search point for searching more scholarly materials on the web
  • Wolfram Alpha: A very diffferent kind of search engine.  It does "computational knowledge" searches and results. You need to see it to understand how useful it could be for some purposes, like assembling demographic or geographic or mathmatical information
  • MEL (Michigan Electronic Library): Just what it sounds like it would be
  • FirstGov:  A one stop search engine for government documents, statistics and other government information

Specialized Sites

American Civil Liberties Union excellent information and links to other sources on civil liberties issues, including: death penalty, gay rights, minority civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion/separation of church and state.

Annenberg Public Policy Center (U. of Pennsylvania): Research and policy papers on issues related to communication, mass media, public policy (e.g. political campaigns); plus links to the Annenberg School of Communication

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - A large amount of statistical and other data on diseases, their distribution, severity, etc. Also information on disease prevention and control.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports: The Congressional Research Service (CRS) "works exclusively as a nonpartisan analytical, research, and reference arm for Congress." Users can browse the reports by name, number, or subject, or conduct a keyword search. Subject areas include: Environment/Natural Resources, Economic Policy, Education, Government and Law, Foreign and Defense Policy, Health, and Science and Technology.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting EdWeb Information on educational uses of the internet, WWW, hypertext, multimedia, etc.

Court TV Homepage Includes information on current and recent cases as well as references on legal issues and other services. A good starting point for general research on legal issues.

Daily Record Legal News

Democratic National Committee Just what you'd expect but nice looking and with access to some helpful partisan information and links to Democratic public figures' work

Drug Policy Foundation A site which contains news, information, and discussion on reforming drug laws and policies. The DPF generally opposes highly punitive approaches to illegal drugs, preferring "harm reduction" strategies.

(National) Drug Reform Coordinating Network - An organization seeking to reform drug laws.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Excellent information on freedom and privacy in cyberspace

Environmental Communication Resource Center - Just what the name implies.

Environmental News (and Legislative Action)

ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication

ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies

Fedstats A really useful site for finding government statistics without needing to know what agency or branch of government collects them. A gateway to a VERY large amount of useful (and not so useful) information.

Findlaw  A site which allows the user to research case law for Federal issues and several states.  It also has coverage of a variety of business and public affairs legal issues.  A good starting place for status quo research that involves determining current law and procedure.

Illinois State (Government) Homepage: Access to state government agencies and other government and public locations and issues.

Internet Sleuth (Topic Searchable Database of Online Databases)

Libertarian Party The Web home of the Libertarian Political Party, the largest of America's "3rd parties." Information on a real alternative to Democrats and Republicans. Lots of positions on public policy matters.

The Library of Congress A link to "Thomas," the internet gateway to information on the U.S. Congress: bills, hearings, people and other resources of the Library makes available electronically. A must for student researchers.

Medicine Online

National Press Club Information on what's happening at the NPC in Washington, D.C. Often contains transcripts of recent speeches at NPC functions and other information helpful to journalists and others interested in public affairs.

News Resources (U. S.) Links to a huge number of newspaper web sites around the nation. A great place to look for very recent information as well as background on current events, political and public policy issues, controversial topics, etc.

Polling a bimonthly public opinion monitor, this new site offers very frequently updated polling results and data. Updated whenever a new poll is released, the site provides a daily glimpse into public opinion trends. Users may select from polls in three categories (Politics and Policy, Business/ Economy, or The American Scene), browse the most recent additions, or choose from selected polls featured on the main page. Additional resources include a collection of articles on public opinion and survey research

Public Citizen A resource for information on a wide range of issues facing the public. Specifically designed for under-graduate level research and information. Easily searchable.

Reason Magazine The magazine of "Free Markets and Free Minds." Complete text of issues of Reason, searchable. Reason is a somewhat contrarian voice on current events and public affairs. Loaded with facts and analysis on current issues. Generally libertarian in slant.

Republican National Committee Just what you'd expect but well organized. and with access to some helpful partisan information and links to GOP public figures' work

Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR Database The SEC is a branch of the Federal Government which regulates stocks, brokerage firms, etc. Lots of background on financial matters involving securities.

Tarlton Law Library U. of Texas, Austin. A good place to begin exploring laws and legal issues.

United Nations

U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Abstract

U.S. Census Bureau's Data Access Tools

U.S. Supreme Court

Vanderbilt Television News Archives - find listings and order information for the major network newscasts going back several decades



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