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Course Notes and Handouts
last updated 12/4/2008

Introduction to Argumentation

Ethics, Audience, Field

Types of Claims

Toulmin Model of Argument Analysis - Primary Analysis Terms Defined

Declaration of Independence

Types of Warrants (Reasoning)

Toulmin Model of Argument Analysis - Secondary Analysis Terms Defined

First Exam Study Guide


Cases and Analysis

"The Case for Torture" Toulmin Diagram

“Buried Alive" Toulmin Diagram

Requirements of a Policy Case

Toulmin Diagram of "Requirements of a Policy Case"

Defintions of Some Debate Case Terms

Duties of the 4 Speakers in a Policy Debate

Sample Affirmative Case - Increase MC Parking Space

Video Debate Outline - "Oil Drilling in ANWR"  | Affirmative  |  Negative  | Outline


Refutation and Ethos

Affirmative Case Outline (very complete, includes evidence) -- School Vouchers

Second Exam Study Guide

Types of Fallacies - List

The Fallacy Files -- A great site with way more fallacies than we discuss and lots of examples of them all (including our list).  Test your self with the examples

Fallacy Examples

Final Exam Study Guide