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Unit I - The Argumentation Process

Tues. 8/26  Introduction to the Course
Thurs. 8/28 Arguments and Arguing;  Introduction & Ch. I
Tues. 9/2 Audiences, Ethics and Fields;  Types of Arguments;   Ch. II & pp. 33-36.
Unit II - Analysis of Arguments
Thurs. 9/4 Primary Analysis of Arguments.  Analyze the Declaration of Independence |  Homework
Tues. 9/9 Primary Analysis continued; Types of WarrantsHomework
Thurs. 9/11  Secondary Analysis.  Ch. VI.   Homework
Tues. 9/16  Secondary Analysis, con't; Homework
Thurs. 9/18     Form Debate Groups    Homework
Tues. 9/23 Defining topics/propositions / review;  Submit debate topics;  Ch. V.
Thurs. 9/25    1st EXAM

Unit III - Building Policy Cases

Tues. 9/30 Policy Cases -- Research;  Ch. III
Thurs. 10/2 Chains of Arguments -- Homework Case (delivered in class) - "The Case for Torture"
Tues. 10/7 Requirements of a Policy Case.  Ch. XII
Thurs. 10/9 Case Building;  Ch. XI -- Preliminary Bibliography due

10/11 - 10/14


Thurs. 10/16 Debate Video, "Oil Drilling in ANWR"
Tues. 10/21 Typical Case Organization -- Debate Speakers,  -- "Buried Alive" Case Diagram due
Thurs. 10/23 Evidence, Warrants and Cases;   Ch. X  -- Develop and Submit "Defined Terms" list
Tues.  10/28 Refutation;  Ch. / Review
Thurs. 10/30    2nd EXAM
Tues.   11/4 The Practice of Oral Argument | Case-building. Ch. VI. (possible evening session??)

Unit IV - Making Cases *

Thurs. 11/6 Fallacies; Ch. VII.  (and review Ch. IV.)
Tues.   11/11 ORAL ARGUMENTS begin  |  Lowering the Drinking Age
Wed. 11/12 oral arguments, con't   |   Permit Off-shore Oil Drilling   --  EVENING SESSION
Thurs. 11/13 oral arguments, con't   |  Relax the Smoking Ban
Tues.   11/18 oral arguments, con't   Drop ACT/SAT Admissions Requirments
Thurs. 11/20 Oral Arguments reviewed  |  Fallacies, con't
Tues.   11/25

 Fallacies, con't   Homework

11/26- 11/30

Thanksgiving Break

Tues.   12/2 Fallacies, con't;  Ch. IX.    Homework

Written "Brief" on Policy Case due: 12/2

Thurs. 12/4

 Fallacies, concluded   Homework

Tues. 12/9 Summation and Review


Final Exam:  1pm, Friday, December 12


NOTE:  Additional readings and homework from handouts distributed in class, by links in this syllabus, electronically by Email or on the COMM 335 Web Site will be assigned occasionally.  These additional readings may become the basis for "weekly" grades, quizzes, and homework; therefore students must constantly remain aware of these assignments and complete them before the assigned class meeting.