Illinois Classical Conference
Annual Meetings and Presidents

Responsibilities of Local Hosts


2015: October 3-5 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL

2014: September 28-30 at Northside College Prep, Chicago, IL

2013: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

2012: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2011: University of Illionis, Urbana, IL

2010: October 15-17 at Knox College, Galesburg, IL
Program / Letter of Invitation / Registration Form / Resolutions

2009: October 9-11 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Program /
Registration 2009 / Resolutions

2008 : Oct. 10-12 at Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
Joint Meeting of ICC (The Illinois Classical Conference) and AMICI (The Iowa Association of Classicists)
Welcome Letter / Traveling Directions / Registration Information / Program

2007: Oct. 7-7 at the Lake Shore campus of Loyola University
Alice Mulberry of Ray Elementary School
Program / Letter of Invitation / Registration Form

2006: Oct 6-8 at the State House Inn in Springfield, Illinois (with the Missouri Classical Association)
Vicki Wine, Black Hawk College and Monmouth College
Program / CPDU Information / Photo Gallery

2005: Oct. 7-9 Loyola Academy in Wilmette
Vicki Wine, Black Hawk College and Monmouth College
 Preliminary Information / Program

2004: Oct. 8-10 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Laurie Jolicoeur, Lyons Township High School
Program and Registration Information

2003: Oct. 10-12 University of Chicago
Laurie Jolicoeur, Lyons Township High School
Preliminary Program and Abstracts / Registration Form / (Also available here in .pdf format.) / Photo Album

2002: Oct 18-20 Monmouth College
Jane Borelli, Augustana College
Conference Information and Program /
Photo Album of the 2002 Conference

2001: Oct. 19-20 Itaska, Illinois
(Joint meeting with ICTFL)
Jane Borelli, Augustana College

2000 Oct. 6-8 Loyola University
Frances Newman, University High School, Urbana

1999 Illini Union, University of Illinois
Frances Newman, University High School, Urbana

1998: Naperville North High School
Tom Watkins, Western Illinois University

1997: Oct. 10-12 Rockford College
Tom Watkins, Western Illinois University

1996: Oct. 15-17 Hyatt Regency Hotel in Union Station, St. Louis, (Joint meeting with ICTFL, For. Lang. Assoc.)
Sherrlilyn R. Martin, Keith Country Day School, Rockford

1995: Oct. 6-8 Univ. Of Illinois-Urbana
Sherrllyn R. Martin, Keith Country Day School, Rockford

1994: Oct. 7-9 Univ. Of Illinois -Chicago
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Monmouth (acting president)

1993: Oct. 21-23 Peoria, Hotel Pere Marquette
Carl P.E. Springer, Illinois State University

1992: Oct. 9-11 Loyola Univ., Chicago
Virginia Anderson, Barrington Middle School

1991: Oct. 11-13 Western Ill. Univ., Macomb
Virginia Anderson, Barrington Middle School

1990: Oct. 5-7 Loyola Academy, Wilmette
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Monmouth

1989: Oct. 6-8 Pekin, Pekin Comm. H.S.
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Monmouth

1988: Oct. 7-9 Univ. Of Chicago
LeaAnn Osburn, Barrington H.S.

1987: Oct. 9-11 Rockford College
LeaAnn Osburn, Barrington H.S.

1986: Oct. 10-12 Loyola Univ. Chicago
Marilyn Skinner, Northern Illinois University

1985: Oct. 11-13 Univ of Illinois-Urbana
Marilyn Skinner, Northern Illinois University

1984: Oct. 26-28 Northern Ill. Univ., DeKalb
Frank Raispis, St. Ignatius College Prep., Chicago

1983: Mar. 25-27 Chicago, Oriental Inst.
JoAnn Sweeny, Loyola Univ. at Chicago

1982: Mar. 26-28 Chicago, Marquette Center
JoAnn Sweeney, Loyola University

1981: Mar. 27-29 Morton, TownHouse North
Henrietta Davis, Pekin H.S.

1980: Feb. 22-24 Chicago, Midland Hotel
Grundy Steiner, Northwestern Univ.

1979: Feb. 23-25 Peoria, Continental Regency
William Napiwocki, Weber H.S.

1978: Apr. 13-15 Evanston. Orrington Hotel
Gertrude Drake*, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

1977: Feb. 4-6 Chicago, Sheraton-Chicago Hotel
Mary Anne DePauw, Danville H.S.

1976: Feb. 6-8 Charleston, Univ. Union
Paul Kirby, Eastern Illinois University

1975: Feb. 6-8 Pick Congress Hotel
Donald Carlat, Kewanee H.S.

1974: Feb. 7-9 Urbana, Illini Union
Richard Scanlan, Univ. Of Ill.

1973: Feb. 8-10 Chicago, LaSalle Hotel
Patrick Flaherty, New Trier W.

1972: Feb. 10-12 St. Louis, Gateway Hotel
Arthur Rupprecht, Weaton College

1971: Feb. 11-13 Chicago, LaSalle Hotel
Kenneth Hagen, Alton Sr. H.S.

1970: Feb. 12-14 Rockford, Faust Hotel
Raymond Den Adel, Rockford C.

1969: Feb. 20-22 Chicago, Palmer House
Ruth Tapper, Cuba H.S.

1968: Feb. 8-10 St. Louis, Sheraton-Jefferson Hotel
John Hawthorne, Univ. Of Chicago

1967: Feb. 9-11 Chicago, Knickerbocker Hotel
Dorothy G. Rainy, Civic Mem. H.S., Bethhalto

1966: Feb. 24-26 Urbana , Illini Union
Sister Mary Donald, B.V.M. Mundelin Coll.

1965: Feb. 11-13 Chicago, LaSalle Hotel
Lois L. Robinson, Proviso E. H.S.

1964: Feb. 21-22 Peoria, Hotel Pere Marquette
Bernice L. Fox. Monmouth College

1963: Feb. 21-23 Chicago, LaSalle Hotel
Farrand Baker, Oak Park-River Forest H.S.

1962: Feb. 22-24 Alton, Hotel Stratford
John L. Heller, Univ. Of Ill.

1961: Feb. 23-25 Chicago, LaSalle Hotel
Cornelia Roberts, Grayslake H.S.

1960: Feb. 11-13 Springfield, Hotel Leland
D. Herbert Abel, Loyola Univ.

1959: Feb. 19-21 Chicago, Pick-Congress Hotel
Lois A. Larson, York H.S.

1958: Feb. 20-22 Urbana, Urbana-Lincoln Hotel
Kevin Guinagh, Eastern Illinois Uuniversity

1957: Feb. 21-23 Chicago, Congress Hotel Edward
Dirksen*, Decatur H.S.

1956: Feb. 23-25 Peoria, Hotel Pere Marquette
Gertrude Smith, U. of Chicago

1955: Feb. 24-26 Chicago, St. Clair Hotel
Frances Dykes, Kelvin Park H.S.

1954: Feb. 12-13 Decatur, Hotel Orlando
Mary Braginton, Rockford College

1953: Feb. 12-14 Chicago, St. Clair Hotel
Ellen Machin, Alton H.S.

1952: Feb. 22-23 Alton, Hotel Stratford
Robert C. Stone, Wheaton College

1951: Feb. 22-24 Chicago, Sheraton Hotel
Lucy Brokaw, Girls’ Latin School

1950: Feb. 17-18 Urbana, Urbana-Lincoln Hotel
Chas C. Hower, N. Central College

1949: Feb. 24-26 Chicago, Sheraton Hotel
C. Russell Small, New Trier H.S.

1948: Feb. 12-14 Belleville Hotel, Belleville
Charles J. Adamec, Knox College

1947: Feb. 13-15 Chicago, Continental Hotel
Mary J. Munce, Bloomington H.S.

1946: Mar. 22-23 Bloomington, Illinois Hotel
Dorothy Harrod, Kewanee H.S.

1945: no regular meeting

1944: no regular meeting

1943: no regular meeting
The Rev. James J. Mertz, Loyola Univ.

1942: Feb. 12-14 Chicago, Knickerbocker Hotel
Ruth Davis, East St. Louis H.S.

1941: March 6-8 Galesburg, Knox College
Norman Johnson, Knox College

1940: Feb. 22-24 Chicago, Stevens Hotel
Irene Crabb, Evanston H.S.

1938: Dec. 8-10 Springfield, Leland Hotel
J.C. Murley, Northwestern Univ.

1937: Dec. 9-11 Chicago, La Salle Hotel organizational meeting

* = term completed by successor # = inaugurated two-year term

^ = Served 1 ˝ years due to change to fall meeting